Expungements in Arizona | Set Aside Judgments

Increasingly, people in all walks of life are asking us to help them remove criminal judgments against them.   Criminal history and background checks have become common practice in this technology age.

When you apply for a job, a loan or a mortgage, admission to college or graduate school, or even to rent an apartment, there may be a criminal or background check.   A foolish criminal act years ago can haunt you for the rest of your life.

While many people call the process “expungement,” Arizona Law provides for setting aside a judgment as way to help you remove  barriers of the past.

Dignity and Respect

People are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.  Yet, people who made a mistake and end up being a part of the criminal system find that employers, relationships, and even friends and family treat them differently.  The impact can be overwhelming and sometimes causes you to lose faith in yourself.

We understand how a past mistake affects your life.  We help individuals regain their  self-respect and move forward after a successful petition to expunge/set aside judgments and restore civil rights.

Are You Eligible for a Set Aside Judgment?

In Arizona, in order to be eligible to have your criminal record set aside, you must complete all of the court required conditions.  These conditions generally include completing your probation, paying all fines, fulfilling any community service, and completing any other court required conditions.

What Types of Convictions Can be Set Aside?

Arizona Law also provides for petitioning the court to set aside felonies, adult misdemeanors, juvenile adjudications, adult and juvenile record sealing, restoration of civil rights, restoration of firearm rights and Arizona Probation Termination.  We have the experience in all of these areas and has successfully helped clients restore their rights  and put their lives back on track.

Certain Arizona convictions cannot be expunged (set aside) including crimes resulting in serious physical, injury, use of a deadly weapon, sexual crimes, crimes involving minors (under 15 years of age), driving violations with an already suspended license. Please call us at 602.910.4005 to start your free expungement evaluation.

expungement lawyer arizona criminal record gone clear your recordRobust Legal Advocacy

Expungements Arizona works exclusively with one Phoenix law firm to represent your case before the court.  The law firm has three values:  dedication, persuasion, and putting the client first.  These values are incredibly important to our clients because success of your case affects your relationships, reputation, and your quality of life.

Clear Your Record, Get Your Life Back!

Our clients tell us that clearing their record frees them to live their life of negative consequences.

What’s your future worth? 

We believe it not worth the risk of putting your future in the hands of inexperienced or uncaring expungement attorneys?

Get your future back on track and remove obstacles to employment, housing, loans and mortgages, and in some instances, even licensing.

Pick up your phone and call Expungements in Arizona for your personalized complimentary expungement evaluation.